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PATH, a talent development program designed and initiated by MPC. The UAE market’s needs are changing fast and generating many challenges and possibilities that we must overcome. We need to ensure that our people have the tools and capabilities to deal with this changing world. We want to provide internal opportunities to grow our leadership and management talent so that the whole organization can perform effectively over the coming years.

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MPC’s Core Leadership Behavior Pillars


A key objective of our business strategy is to build upon our team of dedicated, highly knowledgeable, and experienced internal talent. We have developed our PATH program as a key element to the delivery of this objective.

The leadership Development Forum, PATH, is envisaged as a continuous development process that seeks to embed planning and decision-making skills deep inside the organization with an end goal of enhancing accountability, engagement, and efficiency throughout the organization. Another main goal is to encourage leaders to work in a holistic and inclusive manner across divisions and hierarchies.

The program is designed to enhance existing skills and capabilities with new learning in tools and technics, provide personal networks and relationships and ensure a rewarding and enjoyable experience throughout a 12-month program. The program is a serious endeavor and requires a level of personal investment by each participant, both in commitment to learning and personal time.

They will be supported through various learning techniques, including training workshops, assessments, think-tank forums, 1:1 deep coaching, mentorship, and online communication platform, and live project delivery.

PATH – Our Career Development Program